vendredi 17 avril 2009

The happy porter. Diu

Are your fishes fresh? Diu

Diu was a portuguese colony. Even now, the lusitanian influence is really deep; for exemple half of the people are still speaking portuguese and have a portuguese passport.
I saw this kind of scene during my trips in Portugal, it was the Salazar period...
Diu is well know as one of the two areas where alcohol can be selled in Gujarat (alcohol prohibition in this state, according to the gandhi ideas).
It"s also the place where I have seen foreigners, who seemed to be concentrated here; Gujarat is really not the favorite destination of tourists.

jeudi 16 avril 2009

Beach pleasure; dwarka

The pilgrimage to Dwarka is an opportunity for the villages people to discover the sea. Really interesting to see how it can be a pleasure for them!

Playing with the lens. Dwarka

She was a particularly luminous woman; I made shots of her one day, in the market, without asking permission, in this area all the women refused before. She saw me, and she was not confortable, i think, sometimes holding the veil, sometimes not.
I came back the next day, and after a while I saw her, did not speak to her, but I felt that she was ready , and sure, she was playing with the lens, enjoying the moment.
The jewels are made of gold; it's a way to invest money and show to others.

mercredi 15 avril 2009

Sand o my skin. Dwarka

Just coming back from the beach, the pleasure after the puja and bath on the Dwarka ghats, an important Krishna place in Gujarat.
No words to add, i guess her beauty speaks by herself..

Jain temples roofs. Junagadh

In the early morning clouds, these wonderful temples are in the midway, going to the Shiva temple.
You have to wake up early: 10 000 steps are waiting for you and as they tell me after, the tourist usually stop here. The jain temples are the most beautiful, the hindous ones on the real top are ordinary ones, but the way to go to and the pilgrims are enough to justify the entire go and back.
Photos inside are forbidden.